Jenny’s Bakery – Baking bread since 1981

It was early in 1981 that Mrs. Jenny Pomeroy decided that she would venture into the wonderful world of baking. At the time she had just started La Reserve as a restaurant and small guest house and she needed bread for her clients. There was no proper bakery on the island, apart from a few people selling bread and cakes from their homes.

Being the resourceful and tenacious Lady that she is known for, Mrs. Pomeroy decided that she would convert her ex-generator store into a small bakery. Two small gas ovens were purchased and the old generator house was soon turned into Jenny’s bakery baking mainly loaves of white bread and rolls.

Over the years the business became a roaring success. From baking bread just for the La Reserve restaurant and guest house, Jenny’s bakery sold bread and rolls to the majority of hotels and all of the shops on Praslin and even some on La Digue. As the business grew further  it was modernised in 1998 with a new purpose built bakery and new equipment. The bakers were trained to make different breads, celebration cakes, pastries etc and over the years the bakery became synonymous with quality, freshness, and delicious bakery products.

The opening of the new bakery at The Old School Building in Baie Ste Anne will mark our 33rd year in the business. It is our customers that have proudly inspired our sheer motivation and drive to deliver exceptional  products and service, without them we wouldn’t be in these new premises constantly trying to better ourselves.